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Welcome To FunniGurl.com Cards Section
These are some of the images I've drawn
as you can tell some of them are naughty...
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did drawing them!
Just click on any image to send it as a card.

All images are ©FunniGuy...

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So Sorry..*s*

Open a Can of Whup Ass® on em!

Whos Your Daddy??

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! click here

Bad monkey!!
 Bad monkey!!
Bad monkey!!
 Bad monkey!!

The poor dear doesn't have a clue!

The "hello" just cracks me up!

Happy birthday!! click here
Watch this space cause I'm going to make this into an "all occasion card!"..

Oh yes and a good time will be had by all!

Ain't it the truth!

Dammit Bones!

Harold loves his job!

Tex is out looking for love
Her first time! *lol*

Gotta love a mermaid that can breath underwater!!

Lookin' for some "biggies"!

Ho Ho Ho it's off to work we go!
That's what I call SUPERSIZED!
Ohhhh Poppa Bear!
The big bad wolf meets
Li'l Red's Granny!
Your momma wears army boots!!
Self rising dough my ass!
The Bare Witch!

No he's not laughing..*l*
A mouseful!
Worse Nightmare..

Ummm well you know!
Sweet dreams of you!
Can you melt this?
I can melt that!
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Cartoon(s) © by FunniGuy

Keep your eyes on this page...more will be coming soon!

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