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Below is a very fun, mucho cool Flash Animations available from
Animated CyberKisses.com & FunniGurl.com

Flash animations are small and yet very flexible animations.
If you are looking down this page and don't see The prairie dogs then
Your browser doesn't support Flash.

I suggest that you either upgrade your browser
(I highly recommend IE 5.XX it remembers your passwords for you...~*giggle*~)
or you can download the Flash Players here

When you get to that Macromedia page look for the heading Shockwave 8
& Flash Players The latest Shockwave and Flash Players for your
operating system (Windows people look for windows and Mac for Mac)
The download only took me about 5 minutes and I only have a 28.8K connection.
You won't be sorry that you've taken the time to download it.

If you see the animation below then put on your headset give the prairie dogs
a blast for a couple of hours ~*giggles*~ then call the whole family down for some fun!

I hope you enjoy em as much as I do bringing them to you...

This is pretty easy to use..
The first thing you do is click on the little sight...then have at the little doggies!
The only good shot is a head shot..
If you linger on a doggie that you've sent to his reward you'll get the FULL effect!

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