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Bad news: Taco Bell chihuahua Taco Bell Chihuahua Killed, Served in Burrito ------- In a tragic accident, the famous Chihuahua spokesdog fell into a deep-frier while touring a Los Angeles Taco Bell Thursday afternoon. He was subsequently served to hungry customers, primarily in orders of the Burrito Supreme. Ramone Garcia explained that the pint-sized dog was examining Taco Bell's secret frying technology that is used to make the simulated Mexican food served at this particular food factory. "He no look happy," said Garcia describing the dog's demeanor in the moments prior to his death. This was only the third stop made by the puntable dog on a world tour of Taco Bell restaurants. He had just pronounced his famous line "Yo quiero Taco Bell" to the delight of the surrounding workers when he lost his balance and plunged into the boiling oil. The workers stood shocked for a few moments before the local manager spurned them back to work. Recognizing that the meat shouldn't be wasted, the manager took action. The rat-like dog followed the well worn path blazed by numerous unlucky cats, dogs, and rats in the past that had wandered into the kitchen only to be incorporated into the menu. Four out of five customers rated the Chihuahua burrito as "Good Tasting" or "Excellent". Some of the dog was also served to a few lucky customers in a new Gordita Fiesta(TM). Three of the fast food workers that witnessed the accident agreed that his final words as he fell into the roiling vat were "Lamento mucho haber causado dificultades." He will be missed terribly. A note to Taco Bell...remember I don't write em I just pass em on! *l* ===================================================================

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