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Beanie babies?

I was sitting here at my computer this morning waiting for a call and went to a website
that has beanie babies cards on it. (I won’t mention names because the big bad
meany Ty might go after them)
After looking at the amusing little cards for a
bit I headed off to the actual TY website

When I got there I was amazed to see (besides a big ugly background)
that they’ve received almost three billion hits. That a three (3) with NINE
count em NINE zeros after it. I got to wondering what in the heck is the draw to these
little bags of beans. What is all the hype about? And why are full grown adult people
going nuts over em?

While at Ty’s site I went to what they call their retired beanies section.
Retired? *snicker* What do they do send them down to the Islands when they’ve
had their 15 minutes of fame? Also what did they do to deserve to be retired?
Did they have a long and prosperous run like say the Teddy Bear?
No, they only have a useful *chuckling* life of about 12 to
24 months. Then Ty retires them to create an artificial market. For them
and other beanies.

At the Ty site they have Info Beanie, Ty Talk, beanie connection, a guestbook
and yes even a place where you can see the friends of these adorable little bags
of beans. *snicker* What kind of pitiful life do you have to have to hang
around those rooms?

When I was at Ty’s I did find several interesting names of their beanies… Like Nuts
The Squirrel. I want to know who thinks of these names. How much do they get paid?
I’m available And by the way I want to know who was the model was for
this Nuts the squirrel? Maybe it was this little chap?

I also saw Spunky the COCKer, Weenie the Dog, Puffer the puffin, Loosy the
Canadian Goose(y), Swirly the bear, Chops the lamb (it comes with mint jelly),
Gobble the turkey and something they call Scat The Cat (enough said) Didn’t anyone
at Ty realize the connotation of some of these names? Are they that big of nerds
over there that NO ONE realized the other meaning of scat?

Now this isn’t at Ty’s site but you can also purchase little tag protectors
as well as little see through coffins for them. Like the one Lenin has over in Russia.
I guess just in case you have a lot of dust in your trailer. You wouldn’t want
your retirement investment getting dusty now would we?

I can really see how kids could get suckered into this craze but adults?
How can a parent or even a grandparent get caught up in all this hype? Can’t
they see what they really are? Mass produced mass hyped little bags of beans?
I can however see how as a good parent you might get caught up in your
children’s crazes. But you would think that before they sold the farm they
would come to their senses..or not..

I’ve noticed that even in the small town that I live in there are several thriving
businesses based on these little ummmm trinkets. There is even a beanie cart in
the mall in case you’re to busy to go into an actual store. The 24 hour quickie market
down the street is even selling them. I guess this in case your sitting home one
evening watching wrastlin’ on the boob tube and get the overwhelming urge to run out
and plunk down the kids lunch money for one in hopes of getting the next retired beanie.
( Which I'm still not sure why that is a good thing)

Oh by the way if your life is in such shambles that it totally has no meaning or
direction at all even after spending all your hard earned cash on beanies you can
go and watch CYRK’s make more money as their stock rise and fall like the tides.

What I think all these beanie maniacs should do is sell their beanies before the
bottom drops out of the market and all you can do with them is open em up and eat the beans.

Then they can take the cash they've made and get a real investment like barbie dolls!
Now there is a HOT investment!

Ty is a registered trademark of Ty inc. Barbie is a trademark of someone
I’m not sure who..*l*

This was written all in fun and not meant to hurt anyone's feelings..

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