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An Observation

By FunniGuy
who else thinks so hard about boobies...~*giggles...

I was thinking the difference between american and canadian
youths ..males mostly.... girls don't cause that much trouble. I was
thinking.... what do the Canadian boys have that Americans boys don't.

The two things I've come up with are boobies on regular TV and hockey.

Think about it. If canadian boys can see boobies almost anytime they want
then there has to be a lot less frustration in Canada. As an
Ex-teenage boy I can tell you that we/they spend an inordinate amount of time
trying to just catch a glimpse of tata's. I won't even go into the fondle thing.

Our days are spent devising a plan to see boobies of all sizes shapes and
descriptions. We/they dream about them, we/they fantasize about them, we/they
make up storys about having seen them. One good thing is that as we mature we lose
our infatuation with them. (yeah, right) Once you reach about ummmmm 20 they become
just another gland to us..

As far hockey goes, I think it's just another release for pent up boobie
infatuation. Lets say that you had a date with Mary Ellen last night and she
wouldn't show you her boobies. So tonight you get involved in a hockey game
and you beat the crap out of some guy on the other team. It really wouldn't
matter if the guy was actually playing at the time. Canadian's would react
by slapping you on the back and saying "What a great play, eh?!" and "He's
going to be another Bobby Hall or Hull or whatever"

Now lets say a group of 18 Americans got together and put on skates, then beat
the crap out of each other. Would someone pat them on the back and tell them
what great players they are? No, there would be a headline news story on channel
10, (boobieless TV might add) about gang violence at the rink...

So I'm thinking what we need in America is more hockey and more boobies on TV.
Show us how easy it is to put on that bra. Show us how soft they will be if you
use Oil of Olay bath soap. Heck even random gratuitous boobies would really help
the poor American teenager.

Of course with all those boobies on TV who would have time to play hockey? *l*

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