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Virus Warning. If you receive anything at all labeled 'work', whether via email, internet or simply handed to you by a colleague...DO NOT OPEN IT. This is a virus and has been circulating around our building for months. Those who have been tempted to open it or even look at it have found that their social life is deleted and their brain ceases to function properly. I've even heard a couple reports of impenitence from male friends of mine that after they've opened this mail. Make no mistake this is a very dagerous virus! If you do encounter 'work' via email, to purge the virus, send an e-mail to your boss with the words 'I've had enough of your shit... I'm off to the pub'. The 'work' virus should automatically be forgotten by your brain and your career will now be successfully destroyed. If you receive 'work' in paper document form, simply lift the document, drag to your waste paper bin and drop there. Better yet if you've got a paper shredder handy drop them in there then line your hamster cage with the shredded "work". Rodents will not be effected by the residuals. Then, put on your hat and coat and go down to the pub with two friends and order three beers. After repeating this action 14 times, you will find that 'work' will no longer be of any relevance to you and that Scooby Doo' was the greatest cartoon ever. Send this message to everyone in your mailbox. If you do not have anyone in your mailbox, then I'm afraid the 'work' Virus has corrupted your life. Go out and get some friends. PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Visit http://www.funnigurl.com for more like this.

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