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Welcome to FunniGurl's misc. joke page.
Below are some of my favorite jokes..
I hope you enjoy em as much as I do.

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  Starting a campfire.
State Mottos!
Bear Facts!
World's Thinnest Books
The difference between Boy's and Girl's orgasms!

Election Page!
Free Bricks.
The straight "poop"!
The prayer of the stressed out!
Real life storys..very funny!
Christmas Jokes!
The HUNTING Story!
A Letter From Mom
Company Policy!
Questions Asked Park Rangers!
29 Ways to handle stress!
Little Known Chocolate Facts!

Chain Letters - VERY FUNNY!

One Liners    Elephant Jokes

  These are some freaky tests!    Computers

Answering machine messages      Cliff notes for TITANIC    

 Darwin Awards!     The Deadly Work Virus!   

      Virus Warning      RedHead Jokes 

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 The COMPLETE list of pickup lines!

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