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 Just the cutest little monkeys you've ever seen!

 Sex made easy! Naughty

 How we all should see ourselves!

 The Washington hillbillies! Kinda Naughty

 The internet

 Solid advice for blondes

 Miss San Fran?????? *lol*

 Phone sex Version #1 Naughty

 Phone sex Version #2 Naughty

 This is uncle Al Gore Flash...you need a flash player to see it

 Ask nice!

 This one will make you go "ahhhhhhhhhhhh"

 Ya better watch were you catch snow flakes at!

 The Christmas Wish... Naughty

 Another one for Bill Clinton! Naughty

 hehehe and ANOTHER one for Billy Boy!

 Ya ALWAYS have to watch what you say!!! *l*

 This is an old one I just got...geesh..send me your TOONS!!!

 Vixen you little vixen you!

 I'm going to make this my eMail address!!!

These next five are of people that look like their dogs...a contest was ran by a dog food company...these are the winners..
 Woman that looks like her dog...

 Another one...

 man this guy REALLY looks like his dog!

 This is a cute one...

 last but not least!!

 For people that can't remember chit! Slightly Naughty

 Take me to your leader!!

 Now here is a dedicated beer drinker!

 Now this is a tough school!

 Mr. Clinton giving advice... Slightly Naughty

 Mr. Clinton giving out pardons... FunniGurl Original

 New "Time" cover story... Naughty Language

 The quick and easy kid bath

 Happy Valentine's Day!

 Ues 532 for duct tape.. VERY Naughty!

 For Sale Naughty Language

 Good night! Pretty Naughty...suggestive

 Election toon

 Home Late

 New Arkansas Quarter.. Suggestive

 Redneck Grinch?


 Enjoy da view!

 Rev. Jackson's "MasterCard"

 Tiger Woods and Nike..

 Computer Dating Service

 Poor Ranger Bob Suggestive

 Be careful who you pick up...

 Ho Ho Ho!

 Heres looking at YOU kid! Naughty

 St. Pat's FunniGurl original!

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