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 The American apology to the Chinese..

 Aids is scary!    VERY Naughty

 One of the new Windows millennium icons.

 The new way to break up!

 Gas prices...

 New Gerber Product...

 Priceless!    VERY Naughty

 Employment wanted..


 A birthday party idea...*l*

 Hair Dryer..

 Free Mammograms...

 Here kitty kitty kitty!

 GW and the Pope!

 Don't drive drunk!

 Free to a good home!

 More Good advice...

 Oh yeah one HOT chick!!

 Human Interaction...

 I am Canadian!

 tractor for sale

 Kid Shirt?

 King Kong!

 So true!

 Truth is stranger than fiction! *l*

 One of many bin laden picts


 Ridin' a "Hog"

 Holy War...Holy Chit!    Kinda Naughty

 Snap Crackle and Puff!

 Wood Pecker?

 Car for sale cheap!

 Justice is coming! 9/11

 Taking a lot of Chit! 9/11

 Before and after 9/11

 Gotcha! 9/11

 Shut up! 9/11

 BinLADY 9/11

 Binwheat 9/11

 Donating some blood 9/11

 Boings invite to bennie boy..9/11

 Court TV...

 Fonts do matter

 Going "down"!    Kinda Naughty

 Are those for ME?

 Help is on the way!




 Is she or isn't she?

 Be afraid be very afraid binnie boy!

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