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  ET Ummmm "CALLS" home..Kinda suggestive

  My cat and dog...

  What's in a name???

  Poor turtle...

  We need your support... ~*l*~ Kinda suggestive

 A two bagger.

  Talented Dog

  I love visiting granny ~*l*~

  Party Hearty!

  Screwing in a Lightbulb.. VERY suggestive

  Do you Ski? Kinda suggestive

  All tied up... ~*l*~

  Moon War!

  it is true!~

  American Pie!

  DON'T drink and date!

  A cute dog and a raccoon

  Farts..everyone loves fart jokes*l*

  BAD DOG! Kinda suggestive

  Sex Shop

  A Walk with the Clinton Family

 Casual Fridays!...*lol*

  how men view boobies!

  oog tries milk FunniGurl Original

  Typical man! Kinda suggestive

  get along li'l doggie..

  "Snake" Charmer!

  cute eye test

  here kitty kitty! VERY suggestive

  Boy and a girl playing ummmmilk cow

  I need to talk to you!

  Peterson's fired?

  Clinton the early years!

  Those little annoying Office Icons!

  Another one already!

  Dogma! !

  New Office options..

  Trophys of a divorced woman!!Kinda Naughty

  Calling in sick...

  Make a wrong turn I'd say!Kinda Naughty

  The doughboy gets lucky! Kinda Naughty

  A flopy "disk"! Kinda Naughty

  Groundhog day!

  Clinton the float!

  Mary-Jane and Bobby

  Now that's a Green Giant!

  How icemakers work..*l*!

  Something you'd have to do with someone you liked...A LOT!

  A REALLY bad date!!

  AOL error..

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