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 Smart Gurlie! Very Suggestive

 Ladder Holding!

 Hey! That's My Boy!

 Take it all!

 Cow rings..

 A freaky test!

 "Intel" Inside..

 Mature man Very Suggestive and sick!

 Parking problems..

 Poor "Charlie Brown"

 The puppy and the tree

 This is cute

 A BIG duh!

 Mr. Peanut is being bad! Very Suggestive

 hi ho hi ho! FG original Very Suggestive

 Little Wendy's all grown up FG original

 So's the little mermaid! Kinda Suggestive

 One hot (and smelly) cowboy! FG original

 First time.. FG original Kinda Suggestive


 Tastes like chicken?

 Typical man

Ahhhh children ya gotta love em...don't you?

 A very good idea!


 Those little piggies!

 Good boy! Very Suggestive

 Captin Kirk! FunniGurl Original Very Suggestive

 Harold the ice cream guy..

 Someone needs a new pet!

 Welcome to Arkansas

 The I love you virus..

 Totally Cute!

 A shot at Jessy (the body) Ventura

 Bachelor Party!

 A GREAT idea! ~*Giggles*~

 Some great billboards!

 Saw this at the store!

 Saw this on TV! *lol*

 Kids ya gotta love em...don't cha'? *l*

 Some good eats!

 Uncle Bill

 Dear Dr. Ruth

 Bad bad bunny!

 Hot sellers.. Kinda Suggestive

 Bad dog!

 A coworker..

 The truth about hair cuts!

 What would you need to survive? Kinda Suggestive

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