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 Cowboys mode of transport!!

 Baby Clinton?

 The first in a Barfie Series

 another Barfie!

 And yet another!

 and one more of Ken

 The bar scene... Kinda Suggestive

 George bush takin' it from behind...(daddy george) Very Suggestive

 A chick with the BEST knockers you've ever seen! Very FUNNY

 Drag and drop..

 Great plans.. Very Suggestive

 A NAUGHTY Flash 4 animation Very Suggestive

 New Dr.'s fees

 kinda cute..

 A new computer...*lol*

 Show us your willy!

 Sit down to pee!! Very Suggestive

 Bad doggie!

 Bad Santa! - FG original

 Rippped from the headlines - FG original

 Rudolphs been a baaaaad boy! FG-Original

 Safe Sex

 you have to see the early warning signs!

 school shopping - FG Original

 poor monica

 Management 101!

 Sittin on the throne!

 A new Olympic event! Very Suggestive

 Gas prices

 Time to go back to school!

 Just another day at the office!

 Everyone needs this stamp!

 All yours??? FG original

 Ever have one of those days??

 Poor ole bill will never hear the end of this!

 Getting stuffed on thanksgiving!

 A great April fools gag!

 BUSH? Very Suggestive



 The little mermaid???? A little Suggestive

 Buzzards love hunting season..

 Going fishing for a mermaid? Very Suggestive

 monday monday...just hate that day!

 The difference between boys and girls orgasms!

 Just a little closer mrs. clinton!

 A donkey's dream!

 I said I wanted to hear your HEART!

 Time to vote...

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